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So you've decided to try rock climbing?

We're thrilled to have you! For brand new climbers, the world of indoor rock climbing can often be confusing. Do yourself a favor and check out our FAQ's page. We've tried to compile a list of things to help get you climbing here at WRG.

I want to climb today!

You can try our DISCOVER CLIMBING class! More info here.


You can also reserve a staff belayer or bring a belay-certified friend if you would like to climb top rope routes immediately. Pricing and more info on staff belayers here.



If you want to climb today without staff help and don't mind climbing lower routes without a harness and ropes (called "boulder" routes), you can come in, sign a waiver, and hit the walls. But do keep in mind that you must have passed a belay test before belaying on top-rope routes. Bouldering requires a day pass (see below) and close-toed shoes or climbing shoes (rentals available).

Day Pass

Cost: $15/Adult | $11/Youth (under 14)

What you get with your day pass:

Unlimited access to the climbing gym including top rope routes and bouldering. Lasts the entire day and you can come and go as needed. Does not include rental gear.

What is "belaying"?

Belaying is the process of taking the slack out of the rope as the climber climbs, providing a backup system in case the climber were to fall or let go. It is important that a belayer learn and practice proper belay technique to protect the climber as they climb. As the belayer, you are responsible for the climber's life, so it is imperative that you belay correctly and with confidence. This is why we have stringent policies regarding a participant's ability to belay and do not allow untrained climbers to belay.

How do you learn how to belay?

If you want to climb higher routes that are tied into ropes and a harness (called "top-rope" routes), you'll need to schedule a time to take a belay class. Belay classes usually take around 2 hours to complete. More info on belaying here.

Click here to learn about belay classes.

What next?

Following the completion of a belay class, you'll need to pass the belay test before you can start belaying. Once you pass the test, we'll issue you a belay card and you can belay to your heart's content. Please be aware that this test can be difficult to pass for first-time belayers. We recommend that you come in to practice a few times before taking the test.

Seven Things to Know About Climbing Indoors with WRG:
  1. We have several membership options as well as daily rates available. More info here.

  2. Everyone who will be in the climbing areas -- including spectators -- must sign a waiver of liability.

  3. You can use your own equipment or rent it. You will need a: harness, belay device, and close-toed shoes at the very least. Staff has the right to refuse use of any personal equipment for any reason.

  4. You will need to sign up for a belay class if you want to learn how to belay.

  5. OR you can pay for (and reserve) a staff belayer.

  6. After taking the belay class you will need to practice and then pass the belay test to receive your belay card.

  7. You can also try bouldering if you don't have time to take a belay class and pass the test.

What to do Upon Arrival at WRG:
  1. Sign waiver - or do it ahead of time online: click here.

  2. Pay entry fee

  3. Rent climbing shoes (and harness if needed)

  4. Take safety tour of facility

  5. Take intro climbing lesson (optional, must sign up in advance)

  6. Pass belay test (for experienced belayers)

  7. Have fun climbing!

More questions? Check out our FAQ. 
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